12 King Solomon's-seal,Polygonatum

12 King Solomon's-seal,Polygonatum
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King Solomon' are buying 12 King Solomon'seal Solomon's Seal root systems (polygonatum biflorum) is a medicinal herb that has diverse healing properties. It can be used as a herbal tincture (best use), salve, tea or supplement. As an alternative medicine, king solomon's seal gives relief, healing or mending to sports injuries and other acute injuries related to tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, bruises, connecting tissues, cartilage, osteoarthritis, etc. It also soothes and repairs gastrointestinal inflammation and injuries. It is effective for feminine issues, such as menstrual cramps, PMS, bleeding, and the like. Additionally, it is known to lower blood pressure, relieve dry coughs, and to increase concentration and mental clarity.

Solomon's Seal has a rich history that goes back many hundreds of years. Herbalists and healers, both in Europe and North America and the Far East, for centuries have written about its diverse effects on numerous conditions. On one hand, it seems to be a "miracle plant," and numerous practitioners consider a bottle of tincture or a jar of salve to be an absolute must in one's medicine cabinet or emergency kit.

Western documentation is largely anecdotal. Gardener's and nature lovers know the plant well, for it is easily identifiable and can be cultivated. Wellness practitioners using alternative healing methods are somewhat familiar with the plant and praise it; however, their number is still small and documentation is limited. Herbalists, chiropractors, among others are increasingly validating Solomon's Seal's effectiveness. Traditional Western medicine, based on allopathic or invasive procedures and pharmaceuticals, has provided little knowledge or interest in integrating Solomon's Seal with treatment. However, researchers are engaing in projects to determine the herb's healing qualities for a number of conditions. In the next few years (i.e. beyond 2008), the public should expect to have such research available.

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