Featured Products

 500 vinca minor ground cover
240 vinca minor ground cover (periwinkle)
25 vinca minor ground cover plants ( periwinkle)
50 vinca minor ground cover (periwinkle)
1100 vinca minor ground cover plants ( periwinkle)
10 hay scented ferns,Dennstaedtia punctilobula
HARDY FERN COLLECTION,christmas,lady,hay scent
30 LADY FERN ROOT SYSTEMS,Athyrium filix-femina
100 christmas ferns,Polystichum acrostichoides
30 christmas ferns,Polystichum acrostichoides
500 virginia blue bells,Mertensia virginica
20 virginia bluebells root systems,Mertensia virginica
5 virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica)
12 DOLL'S EYE ROOT SYSTEMS,Actaea pachypoda
5 bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis )
12 WHITE TRILLIUM,Trillium grandiflorum
12 purple trillium,Trillium erectum
trillium and blood root package
12 sharp lobed hepatica, Anemone acutiloba
12 jack in the pulpit, Arisaema triphyllum
12 King Solomon's-seal,Polygonatum
5 mayapple
12 wild iris,Iris cristata
12 mayapple,Podophyllum peltatum
20 bloodroot ,Sanguinaria canadensis
 100 bloodroot,Sanguinaria canadensis
12 foam flower root systems,Tiarella trifoliata
5 wild ginger (Asarum canadense)
30 wild ginger,Asarum caudatum
12 lily of the valley,Convallaria majalis
20 trout lily ,Erythronium americanum
12 goldenseal ,hydrastis canadensis
12 Allegheny Spurge ,Pachysandra procumbens
75 wild daylily (Hemerocallis fulva )
1 magnolia,soulangeana,12-18"
tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)
10 BURNING BUSH (Euonymus alatus)
1 indian arrowwood  Euonymus americanus
 eastern redbud ,Cercis canadensis
 Pink dogwood ,Cornus florida
1 Blue wisteria,floribunda
1 sugar maple  Acer saccharum
5 jack in the pulpit bulbs
5 white trillium (TRILLIUM GRANDIFLORUM)

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Bluffviewnursery, is one of the most respected online retailers of wildflower bulbs, perennial plants, flower bulbs and vinca minor ground cover in all of North America. Our people have been helping supply gardeners since 2006. We seek to be a trusted gardening partner for creative gardeners —those who are willing to combine new ideas and products with classic favorites. Our customers range from some of the most experienced horticulturists in the country, to those who simply want to add a little color to their life, and everyone in between-Currently, up to 1000 gardeners per day visit bluffviewnursery.org, and have made it their gardening headquarters. We are known for both the quality of our products and the extensive “How-To” information on our website, all created by bluffviewnursery to help our customers share in the joys of gardening with minimal investments in both time and money-Our Products Today, in addition to our nationally-known, exclusive wildflower rootsystems and species, we offer a complete line of flower bulbs and perennials. bluffviewnursery offers over a 700 different plants,ground cover, bulbs and associated products throughout the year as seasons allow. Each season we strive to add new and innovative products to go with the tried-and-true favorites that we are known for. This allows you to experience more beauty with less work, as we offer easy-to-grow choices for any kind of property or gardening skill level-

OUR STORY In 2006, our family started bluffviewnursery our dream was to grow sale only top quality wildflowers,bulbs,rootsystems and plants seedlings and vinca minor ground cover to the public public.bluffviewnursery is differnt than any nursery in the world we grow all wildflowers on one hundred acres of Tennessee mountain land we think doing it this way works a whole lot better

OUR WEBSITE we have tried our best to make a simple and easy to use website and have got most items listed on here but we may have something you dont see,if so just give us a call or text us at 931-808-4377 or email us at todd@bluffviewnursery.org we will help anyway we can

What Sets Us Apart from the Others? i guess what makes us differnt is that we grow our on products and we know what works and what dont,also we count grade and package all our products ourselfs,every order we ship each product will have a couple extra in so say if you order ten white trillium you will get eleven or twelve white trillium

SHIPPING we ship all products usps priority mail and you we recieve a tracking number free of charge,if you rather us ship with another company that is fine planting instructions are included in every order

we accept paypal on our website but if you dont have paypal you can call or text us at 931-808-4377 and place your order over the phone we accept visa master card american express and discover cards Counter